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Alexandra Pasternak’s graciously rhythmic compositions stand out with their professed simplicity and immaculate organisation. Each of her canvases appears as a thoughtfully chosen fragment of reality, where every element is in place and in perfect harmony with each other. Flat and muted, but masterfully precise colours give an immediate sensation of light, depth and multiplicity of planes, making her work fabulously alive despite the almost geometric order.

This theatricality is not accidental. Pasternak was trained as a theatrical painter and stage designer, her vision and perception come from this experience, and she brings it into her painting. Her every canvas is akin a staging of a drama scene,
in which the artist acts a director, solving multiple challenges through the artistic means of colour and shape, flat plane and field of space. 

This combination of simplicity, deduction, generalisation and attention to detail
in Pastenak’s work is the precondition for their eloquence.

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